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Below, please find a pictorial list of all The SL Parade advertisers and partners.  Remember, these ads will be here for as long as The SL Parade website is up!  If you would like to add your banner to this ever increasing list, please contact ReRe Sandalwood at either, in world at ℛᴇℛᴇ Sandalwood, or via Facebook at Arreba Sandalwood.

To have your ad permanently listed on our web page, The SL Parade will charge a flat rate of $1500L.  Once your ad is posted, a complimentary article that describes your business will also be written.  Because the article is done on a one time basis, any announcements or additional articles written will costs patrons an additional $500L for announcements, and an additional $800L per additional article written.  Remember, even if you donate your time, products or expertise to The SL Parade, your contributions will be permanently listed on our website.

If you are interested in adding additional announcements or would like The SL Parade to write an additional article about your business. If you are interested in advertising for The SL Parade, please contact ReRe Sandalwood.

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4 Responses to SLP Advertisers

  1. Luchenpur Darwin says:

    Hello ReeRee How do I become an advitiser?

  2. Morgan Mickalobe says:

    ReRe, I am interested in advertising!

    • rere1 says:

      Hey Morgan: Thank you SO MUCH…we can meet inworld or even via fb to talk about the kind of package you want…of course, we can also post your Center’s kiosk at both the inworld SL Parade locations!

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